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Visit eastern Europe

From golden sands to soaring mountains, to visit Eastern Europe reveals a tapestry of quaint and contemporary cultures. With enough rough edges to keep you intrigued.

Warehouse of culture you can find on your visit Balkan. From fine arts or folk singing. Some locations are looking like open-air museums. Diversity for all age, from classical music and opera, a lot of nightlife for youngest. All this you can find when you will visit Eastern Europe.

On best Balkan tours, you can find sandy beaches, rugged mountain ranges, and windswept plains. Downhill on the Danube River, boat ride across the Ohrid Lake in the north of Macedonia or rafting on the Hungarian Lake Balaton. Treat fresh air and solitude in mountainous areas of Albania. Try the crystal water of the Soča River in the Slovenian Triglav National Park. Explore the canyons in Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of this, you can only explore with visit Eastern Europe explorations in just a few days.

History lives and breathes in Eastern Europe. Visit the bridge where Archduke Ferdinand where was killed in Sarajevo in 1914; you feel the echo of the Romanian Revolution at the Revolution Square in Bucharest or explore the cities of Vienna Budapest Prague. Take a walk through the remains of the Diocletian's Palace in Split in Croatia or via Sophia and Plovdiv in Bulgaria, where old ruins still discovered under modern buildings and underground systems.

When you plan to visit Eastern Europe, the best way is to use a car. Road are in general good and gasoline you can get with reasonable price. In most countries, the public transport system is good and not so expensive. You can also use train. However, connection to small cities are not so good. Food and drink are also in reasonable price level. Local vine is worth to try. Depending on the region, you can find also some world famous wine producer. Local cousin, best is to try specific local food. Therefore, you will find some dishes that will blow your mind away.

East Europe tours will make your vacations special. When the end of the vacation will be closer, more and more you will try to find the way to prolong your vacation. The best time for your vacations is two or three weeks. In this time, you can visit many places and have time for relaxing. If you just want to relax, then is better to stay close to Adriatic Sea. Beach, sea and nice landscape surroundings, will do the magic. Your soul will fill up with good and positive energy.

People are in this region nice, open and they share hospitality with you and your friends or family. Safety are good and you do not worry about criminal. For traveling to Balkan region, you do not need any special visa or permission. Accommodation are in all price level, from hostel to the luxury apartment. The water is drinkable from the tap. So all what we need for nice vacation, we find in Balkan region.

Visit eastern Europe

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