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If you choose to visit Balkan, you can discover local culture, cuisine, visit history places and more.  Relatively affordable travel cost, allow to get more for spend money. The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains that stretch throughout the whole of Bulgaria from the Serbian-Bulgarian border to the Black Sea coast. The Balkan experience is different from Western Europe, but travelling in the region is rewarding because of the history, culture and relatively affordable travel costs. You will quickly fall in love with the region.

When you plan to visit Balkan, you can choose from mountain, rivers, canyons, coast with beautiful see, islands in the Adriatic Sea and a lot more. Rich history in Balkan from Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and influences of exs Yugoslavia, leave a lot of stories and places for discovery Balkan past history.

On your best Balkan tour, you can consider to visit Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia or Albania. Before your trip visit web page and choose private tours Croatia. If you plan to spend longer time, for visit Balkan region, then is the best to start in Slovenia. If you plan to go on private tours Slovenia, you must see some most beautiful places. Put in your list lake in Bled, Postojna cave, Lipica with the most beautiful horses of the Lipizzaner, Soča river, lake Bohinj and more. In Slovenia, you can drink local vine; some of them are world famous. Food in Slovenia is good and affordable.

In complete Balkan region, people are friendly, open and hospitable. Safe to travel to Balkan region? The answer is yes. Whereas ethnic tensions remain, especially in the Former Yugoslavia, and protests are common, you will rarely face difficulties. For visit Balkan is also good to choose to travel by bus. The connection is good to most of biggest cities. Locally, you can rent a car, bike or boat, to discover some small region where we want to stay for some more days. You usually need to buy tickets from the station on either day of departure or in advance and give them to the drivers. You can also travel by train, is you want to leave out some part on your Balkan tour.

Most of people in Balkan region speak English. A lot of them also speak Germany or Italian language. If you need to ask for direction, in case that you are lost, just ask people in the street. They will help you. If they do not speak any of foreign languages, just write where you want to go, or shove in the map. They will help you also in that way.

I complete Balkan region you can buy also many souvenirs. Your friends at home will be delighted. A lot of travels are coming back, because of the nature and all beautiful places. The combinations of culture, friendly people and good food you will be also delighted. Most travelers fall in love with the landscape and, because of the mixture of everything, returns repeatedly.

Visit Balkan

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