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Vienna Budapest Prague

These illustrious capital cities of Central Europe have successfully emerged from the shadow of cities like Paris and London. Over the last few decades to become well-deserved tourist hotspots. We are talking about Vienna Budapest Prague. Beauty, distinct personalities, history, and a lot more, we can expect in this cities. This destination is the best, if we choose to visit Balkan.

How long, we need to plan for this trip and for each town depend on us. Two weeks, will be more than enough for Vienna Budapest Prague. In the end, if you have some extra time, you will find that visit Eastern Europe need more days to spend, from your previous plan.

To point out what to visit in first town in our destination Vienna Budapest Prague, we will star in Vienna. Between Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, Belvedere Palace, and the museums they contain, you could very easily entertain yourself for days. Cafe culture is strong in Vienna, where coffee and cake served in elegant, glamorous ways. Even if you are a big coffee, at least once in Vienna order a cup of hot chocolate Viennese-style, with cream and cinnamon. If you happen to be in Vienna late-November or December, you must visit Vienna’s Christmas markets. Over 20 places to taste delicious snacks, hot drinks, and shop for beautiful decor and crafts. This is most world famous Christmas market.

Next city from the Vienna Budapest Prague Balkan tour is Prague. What is i must see in Prague list. Walking around Prague, feels like walking around in a fairytale. Castle has served as a home to leaders of the Holy Roman Empire. Even today, it serves as the office of Czechia’s president. Old Town Bridge Tower–it boasts an amazing view in each direction and is inexpensive and easy to access. Beautiful buildings, central location, and famous astronomical clock, is some off the most famous tourist attraction that we must visit. In addition, local beer is good and deserve for our tasting.

The last city is Budapest. Remarkable architecture, delicious food, low prices, this is like gem for the perfect finale on our best Balkan tour. Unlike Prague and Vienna, Budapest is worthy as much time as you can give it. Amazing views over the Danube River is unforgettable. Thermal baths in Budapest give some special relaxing experience and nothing that you will have seen so far. Hungarian Parliament is next on the list, known as one of the most beautiful government buildings in the world.

When is the best time to visit Central Europe? Each season have some reason for visiting. In spring, you can face with flowers and pretty weather. In summer is warmth and liveliness. In autumn is most beautiful to watch color changes. Winter has Christmas market and snowy castles. You cannot go wrong traveling at any time of the year. However, in the end, late September through October is the best solution. You will avoid crowds and still capture all mostly beautiful time in all three cities.

Vienna Budapest Prague

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