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Why choose East Europe tours for family vacation? Here you can discover local food and cuisine, drink good vine, visit history places or discover local culture. Low travel cost, if you compare some other tourist destination, will get another point in your decision. If you decide to visit Eastern Europe, is best to do it by car. Roads are in most countries in good condition. Gasoline is not so expensive, and you will easy take tour in all destination in your route plan.

In your East Europe tours, you can visit from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. When you will search about information for you private tours Croatia, please check web site There you can find a lot of use full information and all general tips for travel. When you stay in Croatia, is best solution, to spend some days also in Slovenia. Here is suggest, to use private tours Slovenia.

On your East Europe tours, for complete Balkan region you will find friendly people, which are hospitable and open. Most of the people there speak English, German or Italian language. If you will get lost in some town, or you will need some general information, just ask people in the street. If they do not speak any foreign languages, just show the map or write on paper where you want to go.

You can also visit Vienna Budapest Prague, the hotspot on the tourist map in last years. In this case, you will get the best vacations experience and close complete East Europe tours. All the countries have nice landscapes, rivers, lakes, canyons and more. If you like to come here in winter, you can go skiing. In the summer, you can choose Adriatic Sea, and his beautiful beaches. If you are fan of climbing, you can find a lot of possibility for climbing. Mountain bakers are also welcome and they can find many tracks, where they can enjoy in beautiful nature. If you want to spend some vacations in spa wellness facility, you will find a lot of different type to choose.

In general, Balkan region is safe for travel. Low rate of criminal allow you to explore region also by foot, with a backpack on your shoulder. The price for accommodation are acceptable in most of the countries. Cost for food and drink is lower then, in the rest of the Europe. The more we go to the south, the lower they are. When you came in Balkan region, you must try local food. You will be surprise, how taste the food can be. In addition, some sweet are unique only in this region.

To visit Balkan region, you can choose in each season of the year. All season have some special moment. So it is difficult to say only summer or winter is the best time for visit. The temperature are normal for each season. For visit Balkan region, you do not need any special permission or visa.

East Europe tours

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