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Best Balkan tours

For the most best Balkan tours, your plan must be to visit next 8 countries. Start in Slovenia, next is Croatia. From Croatia travel to Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and finish in Serbia. If you visit view page, you can also find lo mejor de Croacia, for Croatia country in Spanish. You can find in Spanish, offer for viajar a Croacia. In case, that you plan to visit Slovenia and Croatia, you came from Spain, is the best solution to choose suggestion from web page for Croacia y Slovenia.

If your plan is still best Balkan tours, then we have detail plan suggestion for your vacation. Complete time, which you will need for this trip, is 21 days. Start is in Slovenia, for one day and a half. We suggest you, to stay over-night in Bled. In first day, you can discover north part of Slovenia. Next day you travel to Croatia. Stop in capital city of Slovenia in Ljubljana. On the way to Zagreb, you can see other part of Slovenia and enter to Croatia. Spend night in Zagreb and next day visit Plitvice on the way to Bosnia. In Bosnia is our suggestion to visit Sarajevo and Mostar. Our best Balkan tours continued to Montenegro. Small, but beautiful country. From Montenegro, we go to Albania and Macedonia. From Macedonia, we travel to Kosovo. In the end, we finish our best Balkan tours in Serbia. Belgrade, is more than perfect solution, to finish our trip.

On East Europe tours, that we suggest for you, is the best way for travel, to rent a car. Road connection are good. Balkan region is safe for travel. People are friendly and hospitality. If you are looking for not discovered path, here is the perfect opportunity for you. More you go south, less tourists you will find. When you drive, take care about speed limit. While driving in the Balkans be aware that a foreign car is an easy victim for police checks. They will mostly always stop you any way so just make sure you hold on to the speed limit and then there is not much, they can do.

Food and drink on the Balkan tour. All the country have some special local food, which are presenting. Please take a portion of local food. Taste is similar, for all country, you can try same dish in Ljubljana or Belgrade. Taste will be completely different. Local vine are good and reasonable price level. People are friendly, open and they will help you, without any big problems.

During your journey, you will see some history buildings, many similar habits. Some things will be strange for you. However, this is Balkan. A lot of different style for buildings, similar language, different landscape. Overall, you will spend nice time during your vacations. In this trip, you will explore different and mix culture from all countries on your way for travel. Please, have nice vacations and bring some new experience back home.

Best Balkan tours

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